Lithographic Print

Lithographic printing is a widely used method for high-volume printing of various materials like books, magazines, posters, packaging, metal and plastic, ideal for promotions!

It's a great way to produce items such as product brochures and promotional materials.

We excel in handling short print runs, spot colors, and complex projects. We are skilled in both 4-color process (4cp) printing and unconventional techniques, often combining lithographic and digital processes to deliver stunning results for your print projects.

To ensure top-notch color management, we adhere to the ISO 12647 accreditation standard. Our cutting-edge proofing systems guarantee that what you see in the proofs is precisely what you can expect from the final printed product. We are committed to meeting your expectations and delivering high-quality prints.

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We offer printing on lithographic presses, with varying range of computer aids, short make readies, fast running speeds backed up with a flexible double day shift pattern, 7 days a week.
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